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  1. News & Discussion

    1. Forum News

      Anything pertaining to the operations of the forum will go here, from staff changes to information the staff needs to relay to the users.

    2. General Chat

      Discussions of various natures will go here.

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    4. Advertising

      If you're here to advertise your forum, this is the spot! Available to all guests!


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  2. Digital Presence

    1. UWE.com

      All news pertaining to Underground Wrestling Entertainment will be posted here!

    2. Smack Talk


      Smack Talk is a weekly show that goes over the events of Adrenaline and Pay-Per-Views. While also bringing UWE Superstars on as guests. The host of Smack Talk is currently CM Punk! It airs the day after each show it covers!

  3. Talent Relations

    1. UWE Roster

      Here you will find the roster profiles for all of Underground Wrestling Entertainment's finest!

    2. Talent Auditions

      Apply to Underground Wrestling Entertainment here!

    3. UWE Personnel

      Profile pages for all UWE Personnel can be found here!

  4. The Annals

    1. Championship History

      Historical records for UWE's Championships and Accomplishments will go here!

    2. Power Five

      UWE's sports rating system that analyzes the results of competitors in order to situate them atop the Power 5. Those on it consecutively usually earn themselves title opportunities.

  5. Underground Wrestling Entertainment

    1. Monday Night Adrenaline!



      Here you will find the match card and results of our weekly show, Adrenaline! 



    2. Pay-Per-Views


      Here you will find match cards and results for UWE's monthly Pay-Per-Views!

  6. Roleplaying

    1. Monday Night Adrenaline Roleplays

      Post your weekly roleplays for Monday Night Adrenaline here!

    2. Pay-Per-View Roleplays

      Roleplays for Pay-Per-Views go here!

    3. General Roleplaying

      Happen to be roleplaying outside of the show? Maybe a slice of life? Look no further than general roleplaying!

    4. Feedback

      Request, receive, and provide feedback from and for your fellow UWE writers.

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About UWE

UWE is a fictional professional American wrestling company run by owner Paul Heyman! Here, like many other federations, we feature a weekly show with the month usually ending in a pay-per-view event! This e-federation, however, is strictly roleplay based on weekly roleplays posted to decide the winner. The federation also heavily borrows from the real-life aspects. Case in point, the firing of Paul Heyman as Executive Producer of RAW. In-Game, Paul Heyman has utilized his amassed fortune to start up his own company that would rival WWE & AEW. At least in his own mind, as UWE will be more like ECW as far as the venue and how big the shows actually are. Although, because of this deep-rooted realism, only real-life wrestlers are allowed to be signed up! It could be a wrestler who just started the indies but it has to be a wrestler at the end of the day. It makes it easier all around for judges to decide how well you portray the said character, which will also be apart of the points system to decide winners and losers.

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